Making it easy to buy your next RV

Through Wind and Rain and Cold…….

Don Davis

Even as the late fall and winter decend upon the Great Northwest, There are still some great opportunities to enjoy your RV. Whether you have a trailer, 5th wheel or Motor Home, there are execellent places to enjoy. One of your greatest joys is that you will not be surrounded by crowds. A lot of people put thier RV up for the winter and don’t enjoy late or early season camping.

While the weather may not always be the best it does give you chances to explore some great areas. There are many times the weather will be scattered showers and in the 50’s. That is winter in the Pacific Northwest. We all have the gear to endure the weather and nothing is better than having a crisp December or January day that is crystal clear and sunny. What a great time to explore Puget Sound or the coast!

Storms can also be a fun time at the coast as the waves can be big and watching them crash to the shore can be stunning.

Or try a weekend at Deception Pass State Park. With the tide changes the pass is in turmoil and very interesting. The beach is fun to walk and comb for driftwood or other interesting things that have washed ashore.

Take to the mountains for a winter hike or snowshoeing. Rent a snowmobile or enjoy some of the small towns dotting the west and east sides of the Cascades, without the crowds.

This is also an excellent time to tour the wine country of Washington and Oregon. Most of the Wineries operate at reduced hours but most are open and giving tours and their tasting rooms are open.

These are just a few ideas.  Feel free to comment on this and add your own!

Even with the cooler weather and shorter days, there is still plenty to do with a couple of days and enjoying your RV is a great way to do it.

By the way, contrary to what most people think, we are still busy. While not at the pace that we might operate during the rest of the year, we are open and the great thing is we have the time to spend with you. We have an excellent inventory and growing everyday to gear up for next year. We have deals that you can only get this time of year because we have to make room for what is coming in.

Stop on in and let’s talk about what you want and how you want to use your new RV. You might be surpised at the great opportunites you have to enjoy some great times Before the crowds show up!



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