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A Holiday Wish

As we settle in for the holidays and count our blessings, let us take a moment to reach out.

If you know someone who is not as fortunate this season, whether it is because of a change in financial status, loss of a loved one, loss of a job or anything that might not make their holiday as bright as it could be, reach out and let them know you care and believe in them.  More often than not the circumstances are out of their control, at least for now, and this is the time to offer your help.  it doesn’t have to be financial.  Most people really want to know that you care about them and that you believe that thier future is brighter and your world is better because of them.  We only have this one life and we only have each other.

If you touch one life and make it brighter and more hopeful, isn’t yours better as well?

Also I wish to thank those who serve this country.  I try to thank every member of the military, police and fireman that I meet, regardless of the time of year.  These people serve at will.  No one made them join, they volunteered.  I believe their motive is selfless and their desire is to help protect our freedom.  Imagine this country without their bravery and sacrifice.  Shake a hand, wave, smile and let them know you care.

I wish you a Happy Holiday season and all the best for a great 2012!



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